August 27, 2012

A devastated brush...

My experiments with two brush blending have continued apace. I am slowly making better progress but it is an uphill battle. I got this Devastator finished last week to get some more practice in before I began the Gun Carriage. The metals and other parts are left basic here as I really focused on the green. Again I managed to get the shading in fine. I went much more dark than I have down previously and I think it worked fine. It is three shades in total each occupying about 50% less space than the previous shade. Again the problems presented themselves when it came to the highlighting. I think I am doing it too quickly without enough intermediate stages. However adding all the stages brings me back to layering something I want to try to evolve beyond. I think I will pick up a Merc 'jack to paint with some different colours to see if that is helpful. I need to pick up a Bucaneer at somepoint anyway. I hope the local store has one in.

I am just putting the finishing touches on the Gun Carriage now. It is an awesome model. It isn't a Celestial Fulcrum but it still has its own charms. I only wish the two horses weren't identical!

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