August 24, 2012

Friday Showcase - Ork Mekboy

I have a vague idea that I showed this model here on the blog before. I picked this model up as not only does he look awesome but he is pretty nifty in the game too. I was never 100% sure how the Kustom Force field worked but a cover save for everything sounded great. A lot of 40k tables I see don't have very much terrain. This fellow solves the problem by bringing his own. The other Mekboy models don't have the same attitude as this guy and I guess thats what finally sold me on the model. He reminds me a little of the last metal Dwarven lords for Fantasy. They oozed attitude despite a simplicity, a few more models like these would be appreciated for every game I play.


  1. Superbly painted. The targeting sight is wonderful.

  2. Thanks John, I added it as an after thought and it worked well!


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