August 20, 2012

Backswing Brutes

I had two of the Demolition Corps needing to be finished. I haven't really been motivated to get them done. I need them for my Khador list and so yesterday I sat and got them finished. It was far easier than I remembered. Two brush blending is a lot quicker even though I make a good few mistakes. The large flat plates are really nice to work with. I am hoping that this means I will get the 'jacks done quickly. I haven't as yet added battle damage or done the basing. I am unsure if I really want to add the battle damage and I won't base them until I have them varnished.

I really like these in the game. Their MAT is high enough to reliably hit. Backswing basically gives you a reroll, though the errata changes this. Now you have to make the second strike even if there are no enemies within range. This can make for some difficulties when you are positioning them. I usually have Fury cast on them giving an effective P&S of seventeen. That is high enough to threaten 'jacks and 'beasts. They are slow however and as I use them as a counterpunch behind a wall of infantry I often don't get them into battle until very late in the game. This is okay but not ideal. It is good to have all points in the army working at the same time rather than having a lot of it sitting at the back doing nothing. Still if I can manage to attrition well with the forward elements of the army I can really dominate the end of a battle as the Demolition Corps comes into play without a scratch.

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