August 2, 2012

Wild Druidess

Solos are great to paint. I think that must be the mantra of the blog. I have played without the help of a Wilder for far too long and I got one last week. I kept with the autumnal colours for this model but I wanted to see how the red might work as a more dominant element. I usually go for a warm brown but I wanted something a little different. She came out fine even if the combination of the red and gold look more like Skorne than Circle. I will experiment with the combination elsewhere in the army as I think it helps bring out the autumnal theme a little better. The camera did wash out the skin tones here almost completely. There is quite a lot of effort on the skin but it just didn't get picked up in the shot.

This Solo seems great and will fit into almost all of my lists. I don't know what I will have to drop but something will give. I usually play at thirty five points and points in the lists are incredibly tight. I have also been experimenting with getting some Bog Trogs into the list. Ambush seems really powerful and I wonder why it doesn't get used more.

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