September 10, 2018


I picked up this model of Boromir for €1 on eBay, a bit of a bargain considering that he is metal. I need some form of character to lead the army heroically against the forces of Mordor and who other than Boromir could do that? I kept him in the grey scheme of the rest of my force who I have started referring to as the 'Grey Watchers'. I'm not sure that this isn't a reference used elsewherebut its what I am using for my Lord of the Rings Gondor force. I see them as a more guerrilla force amongst the ruins of Osgiliath rather than as a force that will stand up and have a pitched battle with the Orcs. He will also be standing in for my Captain until I can either convert (unlikely) or buy a proper captain. The smaller scale of these models plus the lack of alternative parts make these quite a challenge to convert. I can't even do a head swap as any replacement heads that I have are way too large.


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