September 3, 2018

Osgiliath Campaign: Introduction

On Thursday we will kick off our lord of the Rings Battle Companies campaign in our local game store in Hamburg. We haven't really planned much with regards to it but to help track how the progress is going I found a map online and made it into something we could use for the purposes. Each victory allows the victor to colour one of the territories shown on the left. Once the map is filled we will use it as a basis for a campaign using larger forces. I have a lot of other things to paint before I get more involved with the lord of the Rings Battle Game and so having a slow grow campaign like this is just perfect. The forces arrayed against each other is slightly nebulous at the moment but we have confirmed that Mordor, Moria, Gondor and Rohan will make an appearance. I intend to keep the map updated with progress reports here every few weeks so that the players can check it out too and see who is winning.

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