September 12, 2018

Moria Cave Troll

No Moria force would be complete without a Cave Troll right? Well to that end I picked up one from eBay. I should say rescued one from eBay really as it was in quite a state when I got it. After some quite rehabilitation in Biostrip and a complete disassembly and clean up I managed to get him back to a basic standard. There are a few gaps on the model that I didn't fill but the mould lines are all removed and was the thick layer of paint. In keeping with the speed painted goblins I did this guy very quickly. I have been practising stippling a lot recently and though that this model would be another good way to practice. In the end I really don't know where I am going wrong with the technique. In certain places with certain colours it looks great but in other places it looks terrible. The grey skin here came out well, I'd have liked a little more contrast but its a good solid example of the technique. The lighter skin however just didn't get any contrast over some much darker layers. I'll still continue with the technique but I don't think I'll try it across a whole army just yet.


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