September 7, 2018

Speed Painting: Moria Goblins

This is possibly the fastest that I have ever painted models and well it definitely looks that way. However these are going to be fielded enmasse and as such the individual details aren't all that important. I started with a solid white spray primer, too solid in places. These models have rather fine details so its best to go gently with the spray. Over this I washed a few different colours and well they are done. The only real painting I did was on the black where I wanted to achieve a solid coat. The green is Athonian Camoshade followed by Waywatcher Green, both GW paints. The red was Hull Red from Vajello that has been diluted a lot. The browns were various shades, too numerous to name. Just go with any paint that has been diluted or even just a straight up wash from Agrax Earthshade by GW.

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