August 24, 2011

Devil Dogs, second ones done!

So my painting schedule has not been interupted and I am getting close to finishing the Devil Dogs. It is really nice that they are all individual models rather than having duplicates in the unit. It does however make it a little annoying as you really have to pay attention to what you are about. At least the two I finished yesterday are similar enough. I really like theis model. He looks huge and they captures a nice level of movement. He really looks like he is piling forward ready to smash something with that axe. You can see the armour a little bit better than yesterdays photographs. The rust is visible too and hopefully not over done? I think it is a nice level but it is really easy to over do it. I am using Vajellos pigments for this and they are really nice, better than the artisits pigments I got though they are at least twice the price.

This is the first time I have done dark skin that I remember. It came out okay but not really what I was after. It is really red, far redder than a normal colour. The paints seemed fine when I mixed them but they really dried much lighter than I expected. I used Vajello Dark Skin as the highlighting colour. I think I should have stuck with bleached bone. At least I know for next time! The bases on these are not finished as I am awaiting some new products to arrive in the post. These are grass tufts that look better than the standard static flock. I want to use these on the Mercs as I think it will look a lot nicer in the end. The few models I have seen with them really look great. That combined with some other basing stuff should be good!


  1. These are great looking mini's fine paint work and great looking poses. I'm not familiar with many of these warmachine models.

    The dark skin definitely has a red cast to it. I've never used Vallejo dark skin, so I have no advice to give.

  2. Well I would advise not using it for skin thats for sure. I guess Scorched Brown is the only way to go!


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