August 1, 2011

Avatar Shield

I always wonder why when it comes to the end of an evening I find my inspiration and motivation to paint! Really I spent the whole day yesterday doing some boring painting because I wasn't motivated. I took up some shields of my Dwarves and started doing them. I am a pretty lazy painter at times and I didn't bother doing the shields for my rangers originally. So now I am playing catch up. The shields are on the Dwarves backs so you can't really see them when ranked up. So due to my low motivation I decided to struggle through and get these done. Then by the end of the evening as I was slowly starting to get into the mood for painting I pulled out my new Knights Exemplar and got them undercoated, despite an annoying airbrush. I also got out some Warcasters, Kreoss and Severius, to paint. These got undercoated and hopefully over the coming weeks I can have a challenge to get five Warcasters done in five days... Finally as I was readying to finish I deecided to start on the Avatar or at least his shield. As you may have noticed I got a miscast shield. The top left corner is damaged. I actually like it as I want some battle damage. I haven't painted that area yet as I want the shield mounted befoe I do. However I got everything else done and I am pretty happy with that. There are a few areas I could make some improvements. I would like to have some 'dirt' collected under the rivets along the bottom of the shield. Anyway for now at least this part of the Avatar is done! Now I just need to sit and get the rest done too!

Here are the Dwarf shields I have been doing. I need about forty with the flying hammer design on them. I found a box of used sprues yesterday that should have enough for me to do the complete regiment with the same shield designs. I may be a few short. I generally try to keep the same shields throughout the regiment as I guess a lot of people do. I think it improves the regimented nature of the army and identifies each unit. I am not sure why I am painting Dwarves at the moment. Some warmachine crew were even painted over the weekend. Maybe my fingers are itching for a game of Warhammer sometime. Well it will be nice to have everything ready if the new book comes out anytime soon.


  1. shield looks amazing! just found your blog through Iron Agenda ^^


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