August 11, 2011

The Kreoss Project: part 2

So I am making some decent progress with this Project. I managed to assemble and basecoat everything for the 15pt list except the Grand Exemplar himself. I also managed to get the first Exemplar Senechal finished. The photograph is a little starkly lit so you can't make out enough of the details. I need to consider a light box I think as it should help. The Seneschal on the left is the new one and he isn't as heavily shaded as the old one I painted in January. It wasn't intentional but I was unable to mix a wash to the same receipe. So I have to live with the difference. It is amazing how hard it is to match up colour schemes from even a few months ago. It is going to be hellish once I get back to painting my Circle forces.

So now I have to sit and get some Knights Exemplar finished. The basecoating was annoying due to my crappy gold but at least now all six have an even coat and the fun can begin. Hopefully my order for reinforcements arrives soon. I need to get some Errants along the way and I guess they will fit nicely into my 25pt list as a maxed unit plus attachement is exactly ten points! Thats an easy way to go from 15pts up.


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