August 18, 2011

The Kreoss Project: part 5

It seems I am suffering from shiny model syndrome. I hadn't intended to paint this fellow just yet but I wasn't able to resist. The Fire of Salvation is a real pleasure to paint, far different from the Avatar of Menoth. I concentrated on getting a nice weathered effect on the shoulder pads. The photograph is sadly washed out as usual so you can't make out this very well. I put some verdigris on the shoulders and also a white wash, something I have been experimenting with on metals recently. This came out really well and I hope that varnishing the miniature doesn't obscure it too much.

So despite my best intentions I haven't even finished the fifteen point list yet. I had intended painting the Grand Exemplar as that would have finished the list but I got carried away by his usual escort! So hopefully I can concentrate at the weekend and get Kreoss done. That does mean I shouldn't paint the Devil Dogs though...


  1. When you say white wash... a literal wash of thin white paint over all the metallic areas?

  2. I washed it over only certain areas. Anywhere I put some blue green verdigris I washed with white afterwards as this is much more true to the actual effect. I also did it on the raised borders of the shoulder plates, it generally collected under the rivets, this gave a very nice effect. I find selective washing of metallics in various colours to be effective and I am really happy with how white works. I have much more to try before I can really show it off but so far so good!


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