August 9, 2011

The Kreoss Project: part 1

So this weekend saw me busy assembling what I needed for my fifteen point Kreoss list. I don't know if I mentioned it before but Knights Exemplar don't really glue together well. I don't know if it is just me but the arms don't in any way fit together. I now have two models with about 5mm between their hand and the wrist. My previous ones were just the same maybe a little less pronounced. It was really annoying as I had forgotten this part. I tried everything to get them into position but failed. I had considered getting a third box of these but they annoyed me too much so I guess I am investing in Knights Errant instead!

I even managed to get the basecoat laid down for the unit. My gold paint really needs replacing but I am lazy! Well there is also the problem with the new GW paint pots. Another great example of a terrible idea. I have been through every incarnation of the GW paint pots and even factoring in the set that allowed to paint inside to dry within a few weeks this is the worst. The lid doesn't stay open... Thats kind of the point in having lidded paints! Anyway I will slowly switch over to Vajello as the more I use their paints the more impressed I become. However I do want to stick as far as possible to the same scheme for the gold I am using so I think I will get some GW new pots and simply pour them into the old one. At lest then I won't have a massive variance in the tone and I hope the coverage is smoother(and maybe quicker!)

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