August 10, 2011

Stripping again, I just can't get enough!

So once again I want to cover stripping. I picked up some Circle Orboros models recently and I needed to take some of the paint off of them. I have always painted my Circle forces to the highest standard I am possible of so I knew I wanted to get all of the paint off of these. The problem with what I have used before is that it won't strip black GW primer. Now in some ways thats fine as it can be really handy to strip a model right down to the primer and then save the effort of repriming. However despite the fact I will prime these again I wanted to make sure all the detail was free of paint. I normally use acetone free nail varnish remover as it is safe enough for plastic models (I still wouldn't leave them in it too long!). The acetone however really gives paint remover a kick so to get the black primer off I knew I needed some of this stuff. I picked up the cheapest stuff a I wasn't going to use this for my nails or anything else I didn't need to worry. It was €1.50 so pretty cheap. I poured about three quarters of it into a glass jar and dumped the models in without their bases. I am assuming that the bases would be quickly dissovled if I put them in. The effects were pretty instant. Within a few minutes of having dumped the miniatures in I could see paint on the large flat areas begin to come off. The detail heavy areas were more resistant. So I left them overnight and here is what the result looked like. The liquid was completely black though it hadn't turned into a sludge or thickened at all in fact. Shaking it a little I could see that the paint was 95% removed from everything. The only exceptions were really deep recesses and the face on the Stoneward. I quickly washed off the excess and with some warm water and a light brushing all the paint came off. Of course I forgot to take a photograph of the cleaned models. I have dumped some of my ebay acquired Khador into the black soup to see if if can be reused a number of times. Hopefully it can!

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