August 16, 2011

Paint the Target?

So I have been challenged by a friend, Owen from the Farfaraway Blog, to take part in the Paint the Target challenge hosted on the Lost Hemisphere blog. I have seen the challenge a few times but as it never matched anything that I was doing I didn't make an effort to take part. This month I don't really have anything either. However as a break from menites I thought I might try my hand with some Circle Orboros. So I stripped a second hand Woldwatcher to have ready for the August challenge. The challenge is just to have a medium base model done and the Woldwatcher suits perfectly. I wish I had a few of my Circle models here in Germany with me for reference. I have some terrible photographs at least so I might be able to get the colours close enough to fit with my old force. As I already have a Woldwatcher I converted this one a little to differentiate the two. I just cut the arms near the elbow and turned them downwards. It gives a better walking pose I think. The stock model has a strange raching pose that never looked right. A little greenstuff fixed up the joins so nobody will notice!

So lets hope I can get this guy done!

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