August 25, 2011

Devil Dogs, will they ever end?

Okay so this is the last of the Devil Dogs except for their leader Sam McHorn. I didn't have much time last night so I focused on getting just this guy finished and making sure that Sam was washed ready for highlighting and detailing. I wanted to get a good rusty feeling for the net as a contrast to the armour. I put three pigments on it in various levels. I am not sure how good the overall effect is though. You can see two shades or orange, one very strong. There is also some yellow. Getting these to mix is pretty tough. No matter what order you brush them on the first colour always seems to come through.I really need to figure out a better way to apply them I think. They came out fine but not in the same way you see a lot of scale modellers manage it. I will be doing some salt weathering on the Mercenary 'jacks eventually. This seems pretty effective and I am thinking that it should be better than what I managed with the menite 'jacks. At least the dirt on the boots is easy to apply! I guess just brushing the brown pigment everywhere is a far easier skill to learn. So anyway Sam McHorn is awaiting some paint. Lets hope I can get her done quickly. Then if my Exemplars have arrived I can get back to painting the Kreoss project.

1 comment:

  1. I like this mini. The paint top notch. The eyebrows seem a bit too large, but the paintwork is really good. Like how you really corroded up the ball and chain weapon. That is a cool weapon too. Well done.


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