August 19, 2011

Paint the Target: Complete!

So I suprised myself and managed to get this model painted in the course of an evening. The Wolds are really easy to paint. I haven't managed to copy the previous ones I painted I guess. Once I get that army from Ireland in October I can judge better. I only had some really terrible photos to try to get a match. I am very tempted to start picking up Circle models now but I must resist. I have already ordered more Mercs and Kahador this week. I guess discipline is not a usual strong point in miniature collectors... I keep telling myself I could just collect a small supplemental army that wouldn't take long to paint. Thats exactly what I said before I ordered the Mercs!I am happy with the highlighting here. The raised areas really have come out nicely with the rest of the model falling into a light shadow. I used only Vajello paints on this model and I am very satisfied with them. The stone colour is done only with london grey highlighted with a bleached bone equivalent. This gives a warm colour to the stone as you highlight and softens the lines of the model. The runes are a mixed wash. I don't know how they match my other models so I might have to go back and change them. Hence why I didn't spend too long on them. So all in all this was a lovely reintroduction to the Circle Orboros and I look forward to painting some more in the future!

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