April 2, 2012


So six months have passed and it is time to take stock. I really like to do this with my collection as it directly shows me the progress I am making. I can see that in my display cabinet but there is something even more concrete in numbers and percentages. Here is how I was faring last November. So boiling it down my menites are complete. I will buy more but at least I have cleared the backlog. So going forward anything I buy I can paint and maintain a complete faction. I guess thats just dreaming, I am an addict. I bought only fifteen models for my menoth over the last six months. I guess with buying like that I have no excuse not to finish the army! After these come the Mercs with five new models. The problem I am facing with these is that I have to strip eight old models and repaint the unit, Croe's Cutthroats, so they match my current standard. I really don't want to do that. So my Khador at least managed to maintain their zero percentage of painting. I am up to fifty models now and thats going to be a bit of a mountian to climb. I am at least picking the models up gradually and at a discount so it doesn't feel bad. If I was paying full retail for these I would be feeling guilty. Once my Circle is close to completion I will be pulling out the Big Red Machine and getting to work. Hopefully it will be before the next progress report! I am doing decently with Hordes twenty percent more painted and some more models bought. Thats good progress as this faction gets much much more time and love than my menites. One Hordes model takes as long as three menites. I took as long to paint Kromac's bestial form as I did to paint six Cleansers! Even my minions are doing well which is nice. However I have just taken some advantage of the twenty-five percent sale at Maelstrom to bulk out my circle and minion forces so I guess I will be changing a lot of these stats soon. At least it keep me busy for the next little while. I had to resist spending far to much money on that sale. The deal was nice but there are some limits to the storage I have in my apartment. I used it to pick up some of the more expensive items. I like to get solos and the like from my local store when I play there. As a quick post script I was awoken this morning my a chainsaw weilding neighbour. He must have heard my semi-complaint from last thursday as now there are far less trees in my backyard. I kind of miss them now that they are gone. I especially miss the yew I was watching. A few more years and it would have provided some nice bow staves.

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