April 13, 2012

Angry Chief

I have had the Tharn Chieftain on my desk for quite a while. I often find that I leave a model half done for a while before I can build up the determination to complete them. I find that it comes down to how long it will take me to do a single element. The problem here was the bone colour. The model is covered in bones and doing them was going to takes ages. So rather than do that I sat and arranged my paintbrushes, paperclips and such. Anything to delay having to put the effort in to complete the model. I will pull the whole unit of eight out this weekend and base the lot. Fielding the whole unit together is twelve points making them about one third of the entire standard army I field. I don't think they are that effective to be honest, it could also be the way I use them! They tend to get shot in short order once they are on the field. When they charge something they tend to kill them but the problem is that they then in turn get killed. The exchange is generally an uneven one as the Tharn are so expensive. Eight of these are twice the price of a lot of standard units. I have picked up the Warpborn Skinwalkers so maybe they can be a little more effective on the battlefield.

This is a WIP of my Tharn Whitemane. The model is really small in comparison to the others especially the Chieftain. I haven't gotten him to the table yet but he seems like he could be really effective, especially combined with Grayle the Farstrider. Again he is expensive in comparison to other solos but the ability for him to sweep through swathes of infantry if they are set up badly thats pretty awesome! The Olgunholt league begins on Monday here so maybe I can get him onto the table for a game then.

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