April 17, 2012

The Head Honcho

Having finally finished my Tharn last week I thought it was high time to sit and get Kromac finished! He is nominally the leader of the tribes and as such works thematically well with them. I tend to see Kromac fielded mainly with beasts and usually bereft of his tribal companions. I am really tempted by his Theme list. I would have to paint another unit of Ravagers though and thats probably why I never will manage to field the list. I would rather spend the time expanding the options I have rather than doubling up on already completed units. I only doubled up on the Druids as they came as part of an eBay bundle. Thankfully they were relatively easy to paint, especially in comparison to the Tharn.

Kromac is another wonderful Tharn model. I have his beast form painted already you can see it here. These models are packed full with detail. It is insane. Everytime I think I am finished one I look and find something else hidden, be that a pouch, some bones or an errant string, there is alsways something further to be done. I think I managed to get them all. I went for a strong yellow colour on the armour. I did this to reinforce the autumnal theme I am going for and to tie them in with the Wolfriders I did previously. Both them and the Blood Trackers have yellow shields. It's not really an aggressive masculine colour but I think it suits the scheme here. I have been accused of deviating a lot from an autumnal colour scheme so I really wanted to make this guy suit that. The problem being the use of so much green. I avoid green everywhere I can on the army but I felt I had to use it on the characteristic armour of the Circle Orboros force. Now back to course work, my studies call!

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