April 20, 2012

Sleeping Quarters

Thankfully the building is done. I thought this was going to be an easy project but it kept on growing as I worked on it. It takes quite a while to build something like this! Looking at tutorials online often makes it seem that these projects are relatively simple. They most defintely are not. I have decide for myself that this represents a sleeping quarters for some mine workers. I had been thinking of a barracks for the fifth border legion. I don't think it fits them too well. The roof for one thing wouldn't resist the harsh winters of the north. Using it as a quarters for mine workers lets me think more about other mine buildings. Maybe these can be a future project.

Whats next? I can't decide between a railroad inspired terrain piece or a tower. A railroad screams Iron Kingdoms to me but it isn't really as useful for other games. I suppose I can really consider that a problem as I don't really play other games. A tower would be nice as I would like to continue making some buildings. Practise makes perfect I hope!


  1. Looks great, and agreed that things made by others can come across as being easy.. cause you made this project look easy! And a great outcome.

    Would vote for a tower next, just to see how you tackle it.

    Good luck!

  2. You could also do some sort of mining rig/elevator.....

  3. Really nice Phill!

    Maybe we can fight a battle at your home in the future! =)


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