April 24, 2012

Whitemane ready to rock

I finally sat down long enough to get my Wwhitemane done. I can safely say I have had enough Tharn for a long while! I have the full compliment of Ravagers done from Kromac to this guy. I gave him some really grey hair which I am not completely happy with. I do think that I should have made it whiter. I thought it would look really light already but by the time I was finishins the model I could see that it was far darker than I had expected.
I have been using the Tharn Ravagers for a few games now and they are under preforming, especially considering their points cost. I don't use the Shaman as he brings very little for his two points. The full unit with the Chieftain is eleven points. They are always targetted as they need to be forward to be effective. Then once they do get to charge the remnants don't manage to kill enough. I guess if lined up against other medium infantry they shine but against smal based stuff they are under par. I think I will sadly be retiring the Ravagers in favour of the Wolves of Orboros. They left over points will allow me to include the Whitemane and I think he can be really great against infantry swarms.

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