April 4, 2012

Druids are great

I have been listening to far too much Garage Hammer recently. It has somehow reawoken my desire to paint some Warhammer stuff. I really think I might need a twelve step program to get my away from that game. I have to admit I have lost my passion to play and collect but listening to other peoples experiences with the game relights the fire. Warhammer will always have a soft spot for me as it was my first wargame. At the moment though I don'tplay it and I think that has lead to much more money in my wallet and a loss of the desire to play. I want to get back to my Beastmen/Chaos but I just can't seem to build the passion to sit and paint those models. I can't recommend Garage Hammer highly enough. It is a great light hearted podcast.

So while I may have saved a lot of money by going cold turkey on Warhammer I certainly have made up for that with my spending on Warmachine and Hordes. I managed to sit yesterday evening and resist watching some movies. Instead I got these models finished! They do not match my older unit of druids but they are close at least. I have a photograph below of them side by side to see the differences. Matching colours painted years apart was once again a problem but I did a decent job I think. The change in skintone is a conscious choice as I don't like the super heavily shaded skin I did before. Its fine but I don't like doing it in that style now.

Along with the druids I have their solo and attachment. Having the two units painted allows me to do Moshar's tier list. I really think he can be a great Wwarlock and I am looking forward to using him during the upcoming Olgunholt league. I am, as I have said before, terrible at using Druids. They are the signature unit of the Circle Orboros but I never seem to be able to get them to function to their full potential on the battlefield. I guess the only way to gt good with them is to use them!

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