April 12, 2012


I have been promising myself the chance to do some terrain for a while and finally I managed to sit down and get some done.
Structures are probably the most impressive terrain feature you can have on a battlefield and I have been thinking for a while about what to do. What I have aimed for here is a simple barracks type building. It could be somewhere for troops to sleep near a smaller watchtower or for workers at a mine. A structure always tells a story and while making it I like to tease it out a little. Having seen the previews of the PP adepticon display I have been thinking a lot about what a mine in the Iron Kingdoms would really be like. This then influenced what this structure could represent and gave me ideas for a good few more buildings.

I started with a simple wooden frame and built up the sides from this. I kept the windows higher than normal on the walls. They are about head height for a trooper model. I think I was influenced by the prison cabins from Cool Hand Luke that were designed a little like this. I will be making the metal roof today and then putting in some girders to support it at the corners of the building. I hate making tiles from cardboard for the roof and having a metal one saves a lot of tedium. I will break up the flatness with a trapdoor and chimney. I would like to add some embellishements but maybe it is best kept simple. I intend, if I can ever find foamcard here to do a watchtower and a larger structure, maybe a mine or processing plant. I will see what happens as I progress with this project.

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