April 3, 2012

A Cold Dish

This is my last menite model for a while, thankfully. I have had enough of them for the moment and I am really unmotivated to do more. The Blessing of Vengeance is a complicated model and without some access to shots of completed models I don't want to think how I would have glued him together. I had no idea how the shoulders attached and I was fairly close to putting them on upside down. Sometimes instructions would be helpful! I picked up the Blessing as he was really cheap on eBay and so I could field the Tier list for Severius. I realised then that I need more models and got annoyed. Sometimes the duplication that the Tier Lists require can be a little much. So I am not going to collect the Tier list but he is still good to have especially as I use Severius a lot. He really is my go to Warcaster. The Blessing of Vengeance boosts one of his best spells, Ashes to Ashes so that has to be good, right? I actually never really use the spell much but after having some great success with it at the Irish Masters I am a convert.

 I am working on my Druids at the moment. These guys take a lot more effort than the menites do even though these are fairly simple. I have the armour almost complete now and I will start working on the skin soon. At least that means just the faces and hands so it won't be too bad. I really like painting these despite the fact they are taking what seems like ages. I am glad they are not a more detailed unit! Hopefully I cna put of some progress tomorrow or fingers crossed the completed unit!

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