April 11, 2012

Baldur the Stonesoul

I have a tournament coming up in Kiel soon and I thought it high time to geteBaldur ready. I am not so sure if he is that effective a Warlock but there is only one way to find out. The tournament is an odd format, 42 points with three games of Mosh Pit. Also the armies can only include twelve models worth a maximum of twelve points that are not beasts or 'jacks. With Baldur I can make a Tier 4 list easily enough giving me some extra benefit. It's nothing to rock the battlefield with, just a slight points reduction and some useful turn one benefits. What will be good is the Roots of the Earth spell. Once I get into the zone it is almost impossible to get me out, especially on a feat turn. With some Druids along I can also push around some of my opponents models giving me an excellent chance to win via scenario. Painting Baldur was fun. I referenced my old primal version and kept the colours somewhat similar. I like the contrast between the dark robes and the lighter orange brown clothing. The orange brown is simply Bestial Brown (GW) highlighted with Bleached Bone (GW). The stone work on the sword also came out fairly well with the transition from light to dark working well in contrast to the glow of the runes. I am considering adding the glow to the runes on the Celestial Fulcrum once I get back to finishing it. I have a few more models to finish up soon, especially Megalith as I need hom for the tournament!


  1. eBaldur is super effective. He's one of my top warlocks for the following reasons:
    1) +3 ARM and not being able to be moved is awesome on our heavy warbeasts. Megalith at ARM 22 is ridiculous.
    2) Rock Wall for Circle is silly-effective for Circle. Read up on the linear obstacle rules and consider that most of our infantry have reach, and you'll understand why.
    3) eBaldur can reliably move himself up the field safely so that he can reliably deliver the killing blow himself.

    I admit, I wasn't sure about eBaldur until I played a couple of games with him, but I think he's one of our strongest warlocks. Admittedly, I don't usually use him below 50 points, but he's still quite solid.

  2. I am going to use him this week a good bit. I really am interested to see what he can manage. Three Woldwardens casting the armour buff on themselves will be great! That puts them nicely one point above the armour on a Khador 'jack.


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