April 16, 2012

Putting a Roof on

My building is coming along nicely. I started painting it before building the roof as I wanted to detail the interior and have the roof detach. I was thinking that it might be fun to have models able to access the interior. Thinking about it thats probably a bad idea and can always be abstracted if needed. I don't see how being able to move inside small buildings like this adds to a game of Warmachine's scale. I think its probably great for Malifaux or Legends of the Old West but its just a hassle for games designed to be played on a larger scale. I was lazy and the paint didn't help me much. I didn't score the balsa very deeply and I barely worked the edges. When it came to airbrushing I mixed the paint to thinnly to stretch it a little. That has the unforseen side effect of swelling the wood a little and removing a lot of the detail I had scored in. It looks fine but should have been better. I will have to remember this next time. I painted the building in Kommando Khaki (GW) and washed it with Badab Black(GW) and Delvan Mud(GW). I drybrushed it, badly, with Kommando Khaki and Deneb Stone(GW). It is a little streaky in places but hopefully thats not going to be too noticable.

I had intended to only have the building as a wooden one with a metal roof but a really cool tool arrived and I wanted to use it as much as possible. I ordered a Rotary Leather Sewing Punch, just like the one they use for the Privateer Press hobby tutorialy. The box it came it called it a Ruber Dam Punch Pliers for some reason. Thinking about the building a little I guessed such a big metal roof might need some additional support so I cut some struts from my plasticard and proceeded to punch rivets in them. They are not that easy to get correct when you are just eyeballing it to I drew some guidelines on the card to keep them in line. I am using 1.5mm thick plasticard so there is almost no fear of punching through. The only problems so far is putting a rivet near the edge warps the plastic. I guess a thinner plastic wouldn't suffer this but beware with the thicker stuff. I added the roof then. I didn't cover it in rivets. I instead kept them to the strips I placed down the centre. If I was to redo it I think I would add some just to break up the those flat plates a little. I think a line of them along the edges would have been nice. Well too late now. However just to break up those surfaces I made a little trapdoor to give access to the rooftop. It is a nice embellishment for what is a rather plain building. Now I have to decide how to paint this. A coat of silver and a wash just won't cut it and I need to add a base I think.


  1. very nice rivets. they add a really nice element of detail to the build.

    do you have a link to where you bought the tool from?

  2. It depends on what country you live in as the delivery prices can be really high. I got mine here:

  3. I really like the way that building turned out.

  4. So far so good. Just painting it now, hopefully that works out too!


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