April 30, 2012

Warpborn Skinwalkers, the new Tharn?

After a long weekend of both gaming and painting, for a change, I managed to get my Warpborn Skinwalkers finished. I just need some grass on the base once they are varnished and they can commence playing. I don't see much synergy with these guys really in Circle. They are a little slow and relatively heavily armoured. The speed can't easily be changed but the armour can be buffed a little. I think these guys could be very good on eBaldur's feat turn as a tarpit. Run them forward and engage the enemy. With the feat and the bonus from unyielding they are armour 21. They also can't be moved or placed so there is not much thats really going to effect them. To dislodge all five is going to take a lot of effort on behalf of the opponent.

I did use the Tharn a little more last week after pronouncing them relegated to the display cabinet and in a fine display of irony they won me the next game I played. The local game store has decent terrain. The forests are generally 6" x 6" so can fit the Ravagers in with ease and still leave me with some room to position. My opponent put with Widowmakers into the forest with Winterguard about four inches behind. On turn one I could run up to engage the Widowmakers. In turn two I charged over them into the Winterguard behind with the front three Tharn. The second line could then charge the now unengaged Widowmakers while two others managed to charge completely through the forest and into Harkevich. My opponent was fairly new to the game and didn't realise that I had Hunter and could therefore charge him. The druids pulling his 'jack wall forward helped. Even after this amazing use of the Treewalker ability I am stuffing the Tharn back onto the shelf. In all the games I have played that is the first time I ever managed to use the ability.

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  1. I've been theorizing using them with Cassius, as on Feat turn you can use Treewalker to great effect with them. With the Chieftain and Curse of Shadows they can charge through a line of models and hit at MAT 9 and an effective POW 17 each.

    That said, while I do like the Skinwalkers, they suffer a lot from low MAT and don't hit very hard. They're a pretty good tarpit but beyond that, they really don't do much. Tharn at least have a decent MAT, powerful charge, and can collect heart tokens to kill more models. Skinwalkers just tie stuff up and hope that they can't get killed in one shot.


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