September 21, 2011

Dead Cygnarians

I guess Cygnarian is the correct term? Well I finally managed to sit and get some painting work done. Thankfully the Risen can be painted rather quickly if you skip a few steps here and there. I relied a lot on washes to get these close to being done and the effect is a good one. The only thing to note is the verdigris on the bronze/copper areas. I use a mix of Hawk Turquiose (GW) and Green Ink with some matte medium. Washing that over the area works out fine. I would like to give a white wash to this area but for now it is fine. I need to practise a little more with white washes in a less conspicuous area of a model.


  1. Very nice, and good weathering. I am jealous of your growing Risen unit! I almost started another faction just so I could take them!

  2. Yep they look really nice and I am hoping that they play well too!

  3. Great looking miniature, nice paints :)


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