September 16, 2011

Sam McHorne

I slightly over exposed this photograph so the results don't quite show up properly. I was chatting and playing against Owen from the farfaraway blog last night and we were discussing cameras. As mine is nearly eight years old now I think I should invest in a new one. A macro function is the only function mine has... However here is Sam McHorne, leader of the Devil Dogs. I got her finished a few days ago but I was too lazy to take out the camera and get some photographs. I put a little extra effort into the highlighting here and while I wasn't as succesful as I would have liked she has still turned out well. The face and metals are fine but I really do suck at clothing. Grey is also a weakness and as I intend most of my Mercenaries to have this coulur on them somewhere I need to improve my blending of it. I can get browns to blend quite well but grey always ends up streaky. It doesn't help that there isn't an apparent glaze that you can use on this colour. Over blues and browns it is easy to mix a glaze but for grey I would have to use black and this means that I often darken the shadows far more than I want to. Has anyone else come up with a good way to glaze grey cloth?

So I am considering what I want to invest in my Mercenary force now. As I have the Risen, Croe's Cutthroats, the Devil Dogy, two 'Jacks and a caster I have a force. I would like to expand it a little though and get to 35 or more points. However this delays my Khador again... a force I am eager to get on the table. Drake McBains theme list is calling and I think this might be the route I will go. It also means I get to paint a good few solos and they are always nice and fun to do.


  1. Tough call on the gray glaze, but a thinned out wash of Secret Weapon's "soft body black" might be what you are looking for. It's not as heavily pigmented as, say, Badab Black. It took about four full-strength coats to get my Malifaux Mortimer's coat looking dark ( so I think a thin wash should shade nicely and not be too dark.

    What color is your base for the cloth? Maybe I can test.


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