September 15, 2011

Rusty Swords

So I have once again been practising on my rust techniques. I am currently painting Alexia and the Risen.. At least for this Thrall Warrior it worked out fine. Again I used turpentine washes to get the effect. I used a lot less yellow and browns this time and concentrated more on the orange pigments I have. This gave a nice varability in the rust which is especially good along the edges at the top of the blade where a much brighter orange can be seen. Now I just need to get this to work also on the armour of the various Risen I have still to do. Getting the wash to coat evenly if a problem, it is a wash after all though. The pooling isn't too bad except where it is obviously effected by gravity and large flat armour plates really show this. Resting a model at varoius angles to compensate is just a little bit too intensive though. So having figured out a lot on rust techniques I really want to spend some time on mud and soot. While the first few mud techniques I tried are fine I guess there must be some other nice techniques awaiting to be discovered...


  1. Nice! What pigments do you use?

  2. Es ist Vajello Pigments. Du kannst das in Spieleland an Grossah Burstah (?) kaufen.


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