September 6, 2011

The Talon Fail

So I managed to get my Talon to a nearly finished state. I am really unhappy with him however! While the weathering came out generally fine I think it really suits a display piece more and the amount of effort I have still to do to match all the surfaces to this weathered standard probably isn't worth it. I will drop this fellow into some paint stripper this week so I can restart at the weekend. While everything, in weathering terms at least, worked out as I wanted it to I haven't been able to get the grey correct. The scheme is boring and dull for a start. I have picked up about five more vajello greys so I think I can still go for grey but I need to find a more interesting shade. I have found that their military range really has some lovely colours especially in greens, browns and greys. I will have to spend some more time figuring out what is best but I am impressed so far!

The shield worked out a lot better than I thought it might after I had made a few mistakes. The weathering is a little heavy on the bottom but at least it gives a good showing as to how effective the rust washes can be. This surface looks really like it has been out in the weather for a while. The streaks came out okay too though I had to doctor them a little with some basecoat. I am able to get a good streak effect but I am not really able to get it to look small, instead I end up with a really big streak. Breaking this up with some of the original colour is fine enough but I could probably then just paint on the streaks and not have to mess around with turpentine and pigments. I also put some mud effects on parts of the shield. You can see this on top of the boss. I just wanted to see how it might work. I applied it far too heavily but in general it seems fine. Again less is more...

So for me it is off to German Class, this evening I can get this little 'jack into the tub of stripper along with the Nomad so that maybe by the weekend I can have them ready to restart. It's a pity but it has to be done.


  1. I think he looks great.....

  2. Looks great.

    In terms of making them more interesting, how about bearing in mind the background that merc jacks are often quite old and sometimes repaired from spare parts, scrap, or whatever else comes to hand?

    That gives you some leeway to break up a generally grey colour with either bare metal plates (recent replacements, so no weathering) or colours from other factions. So maybe the Talon has a piece of leg armour from a Redeemer, or the Nomad has it's boiler hatch from a Berserker? All it would take would be some white or red to suggest as much.

    Those scrap parts would be weathered (they are scrap, after all!), but might break up the grey a little. As long as you don't overdo it, that might provide the interest you are looking for, and reinforce the idea of long service and an ongoing campaign.

  3. Well I have made some adjustments to the Nomad and I am happy the way he came out so far. I will strip the Talon and copy the same scheme. Its much more involved than I had expected it would be. Geting the armour plates right on the nomad took me maybe six hours in total and while thats a large area it means I still have a lot to do elsewhere. I guess painting these 'Jacks won't be as simple as the menite ones.

    I will look at some of the pieces I could add to these guys, I guess some Cygnar weaponry would be perfect, maybe I can scrounge up some on ebay?


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