September 5, 2011

A symbol for the Mercs

So I was thinking a little bit more about my Mercenaries and I was thinking that unlike the Cygnarian or Menite Warjacks they don't really have a symbol anywhere. While the mercenaries are not a faction in their own rights I think it would be nice to unify them a little bit more than is usual. The 'jacks all belong to one 'caster and are a unit right? So why not give them a symbol. I decided to try out the one that Privateer Press suggest. The Nomads shield was the first to get some attention! I am not really sure where else I can place this on a lot of the Warjacks of the faction but I guess I can find a place somewhere.


  1. Very nice, especially if you painted that by hand.

    Another option might be to use the Charter symbols in Fow:Mercs, with slight embellishments for the different casters within each group.

  2. Ah I hadn't thought of those! Thanks


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