September 28, 2011

Dystopian Popsicle

As a break from Warmachine I pulled out some Dystopian Wars stuff to paint. I had ordered this Dreadnought quite a while ago but it took ages for Maelstrom Games to send it out. By the time it arrived my impetus to play was pretty much gone. Anyway the only way I have found to paint the Dystopian Wars stuff is to mount it on something else, hence my nice Prussian Popsicle. The Dreadnought is rather heavy for a resin miniature so it took two coffee stirrers (donated kindly by the Cafe near work) to get something stable.

I did some of the detail work first as I wanted to experiment. The Iron Cross you see here is out of proportion, but only when viewed directly. When viewed from the normal angle of about 45° it is actually looks fine. I wanted to paint the ships name on also but I can't figure out where and I cant figure out if it is worth the trouble. I would have to paint it exceedingly small and then it wouldn't really be noticable. I wonder did ships of this time have names emblazoned on them at all?

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