September 22, 2011

Drake McBain

I got bored of the Risen and did some work on Drake instead. I actually finished him (despite the fact I am unhappy with the paintjob). I went once again with grey but I really am not that good at highlighting it. I think I am just shading it too dark to begin with and that gives too much of an uncontrolled contrast. In certain places it worked out fine, the right (left in picture) knee-pad. However in other areas, such as the chest piece it didn't work. The contrast there is too strong with the shadows being far too defined.

The metals are fine though I would have hoped to get the silver done a little better. I have always struggled with metallics and silver especially. I just find it impossible to blend one into the other effectively. It isn't so harsh with gold but with silver I can always see the line. I guess working direct from Boltgun Metal (GW) to Mithril Silver (GW) isn't the best receipe... I will have to go out and buy new metallics soon anywy. I am wondering are there any better ones than the Games Workshop metallics, P3, Vajello or Coat d'Arms?


  1. It is bright, but I think its very well done.

    As to the metallics, I typically use Vallejo Model Color, has a really good range. I've recently supplemented that with the Reaper Master Series Metal Triad. Where you are located the Reaper stuff may be hard to find.

  2. Lovely over the top miniature - your painting does it justice - keep up the great work!


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