September 19, 2011

Risen Rising

I have finally managed to get the Risen to my painting table! They have been sitting in my cupboard stores for a while. I try not to open it up too much as someday everything I have been piling up in there will just spill out and I will never be able to get it all back in. Anyway I have the basecoats done for the grunts and I will get these fellows finished over the course of the week I am hoping. I haven't done too much in terms of effort to get these finished. They are far too numerous for me to pay attention to and to highlight everything, especially bone. I have always hated painting skeletons as bone is a really annoying thing to have to highlight. There are far too many surfaces to worry about (and forget). I continued with the rust pigments on the metals and so far so good. You can see them here on the armour plates on the shoulders. I will tackle the Cygnar style ones this evening or maybe finish the Thrall Warrior.

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