September 29, 2011

Rutger Shaw

So I picked Rutger up cheap at the weekend and last night I sat and got him finished. Painting Solo's is great as they can be done very quickly and give you a nice sense of achievement. I will probably use him in my mercenary list but I need to pick up a 'jack for him to marshal and his partner Taryn di la Rovissi. I spotted her cheap too so I might go back this weekend and pick her up. I have no idea what 'jack suits Rutger's drive though, any help? The ability to reroll a failed hit is fine but who really benefits from that the most, I was thinking a Mangler first. However it is hard to get flank and thresher to work together perfectly. If Rutger had reach though that would be perfect...

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  1. I wouldn't run an expensive (for Mercs) heavy with a Marshal except in unusual circumstances (Thor with a Basher). The investment is too easily weakened. Think about something relatively cheap. With Rutger's flank ability, reach is handy.

    Buccaneer - Probably my favourite: cheap and the drive works well with using the net in an assault charge. The Buccaneer then engages with reach and Rutger charges in with the flank bonus against a knocked down model. Add in some earlier shots from Taryn using Iron Rot, and that can be quite a lot of damage to a (light) warjack in a single turn. Alternatively, use Shadow Fire for Taryn to give the Buccaneer LoS to a better knockdown target that's currently obscured.

    Vanguard - shield guard is good to protect Rutger and/or Taryn at times. Flexible, if not great at anything. You could use the re-roll on the shield gun attack if you wanted to stay at range.

    Nomad - the only heavy I'd consider. Relatively cheap with only one powerful attack. The Drive makes sure that hits.


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