September 27, 2011

Harlan Vresh

I bought this guy a long time ago. I was pretty suprised when he arrived and I was finally able to read his rules. I couldn't use him with my menites. So he was relegated to the back of the lead pile. Pity as he really is a nice model. So now that I have a burgeoning mercenary force I can use him... well no I can't. He won't work with the undead so I have to choose between Alexia and him. I realised this a little late as I was already halfway through painting him. I guess mercenaries must be a very difficult thing for Privateer Press, or any games company, to deal with. They are basically models that just won't sell like any standard faction ones. Choice must be restricted by the definition of being a mercenary, there are very few that will work for everyone! So you cut down the number of players that can use him by a good bit. Then unless he provides something very unique he (it) will be neglected for in-faction models. So in a lot of cases it comes down to how the model looks.

Thats exactly why I bought Harlan, he is a pretty cool model. Thankfully he will work for my Khador force. I just need to sit and start thinking about exactly what I want to accompany him with. I have been buying a good few 'jacks but I haven't bought any infanty yet. Someday soon I will sit down and plan out a list! Painting Harlan was a nice experience. He isn't overly encrusted with detail. The jacket covers most of the model and other than that he only has a few other cloth areas. I was able to get him done really quickly, at least in comparison to a unit. Thats great for motivation! Slogging my way through units really eats my motivation. I don't know if I could manage a real Warhammer army anymore...


  1. He looks cool! Nice paint job.
    I have ordered him to be a proxy Exorcist for Malifaux, really looking forward to painting him.

  2. Reminds me of Witch Slayer from Heroes of Newerth. Particularly I like the shading in the crevices. Great job!


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