October 10, 2011

Dreadstone Blight - Done

Finally the saga is finished. As I have some holidays at the moment I decided to sit down and get the Dreadstone Blight finished. I have had the model sitting hidden for a while but as I am planning on getting my own table constructed soon I thought I should finish some of my terrain off. I think the sheer volume of skulls here put me off a little too. I didn't fancy highlighting them all. In the end I just made a vague attempt at highlighting them and then I drybrushed over this. Its fine, though an up close inspection will show a lot of problems and missed pieces. As I also have the Witchfate Tor I took all of the heavily skull decorated pieces out and put them in this model instead. So hopefully whenever I get to the big brother of this piece I won't have so many skulls to do. I really hate painting skulls and while I think in some cases they are fine on the terain pieces, GW does overdo it a little!

I did all the metal pieces on the tower with pigments. However I added them on with water which is terrible. Here you see the door which has since been redone with turpentine and pigment. It is a little heavy but once it gets varnished the effect will be reduced. I also did this with some of the chain pieces and I did a little rust trail under them. I guess it may be better to say I overdid it. I think the varnish should reduce the strength of the effect. Its quite obvious at the moment. I really don't want to go back and repaint anything here.

So the final picture. Here you can see how I wasn't so inspired with the wooden floors. I gave them a Snakebite Leather (GW) base coat and then just washed them with a brown wash. I had put some green on to represent moss but it didn't survive the washes. If I was to do this again I would try to make the wood look older and more weathered. I think a greyer colour for the wood would be much better. The bright and vibrant colour I have doesn't give quite the correct effect. If ever I get to the Witchfate Tor I will do it like this. I guess before I get to that model I should start playing Warhammer Fantasy again...

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