October 28, 2011

Friday Showcase - Warpwolf

So it has been a remarkably slow week of painting. I am not sure if it is the grey german skies or what but I struggle to be productive when I sit down. Again I guess it is because I am flitting between a number of projects at once. At least I have pictures of old stuff I can show. This Wwarpwolf has been photographed a lot. I have posted him before on Privateer Press and Wwarhammer fora but I have never managed to take good photographs of him. So here he is finally somewhat properly photographed. He is still a little over exposed but with a darker model like this it isn't as apparent as with the menites. The large white models lose all definition and shading when I photograph them with my current set up. Thankfully it is fine with my darker Circle.
I painted the warpwolf in the same scheme as shown in the Brushthralls article. As with the Argus the guide was great and following the steps really improved my painting one hundred fold. You learn where and how to place the highlights. After following that I was able to begin to apply this to other models. I still struggle with cloth and armour in terms og where exactly to place highlights but I really am pretty good now with highlighting flesh areas. As this is often a large proportion of a model this really helps. I don't know if the other guides are as good but I really recommend anyone considering panting Circle in the future to check it out. It can be found here.


  1. That's a cool model and the paint is very good. I really wish some company would do a bunch of werewolves in multi-piece plastic, then I could do a whole army that kind of stuff.


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