October 24, 2011

On the Desk

So this was a bad weekend for painting. I managed to get a lot of stuff worked on but at the moment I am lacking motivation to get things finished. I have quite a lot of projects on the go at once. On my desk at the moment I have fifteen different units from five systems. So finding some focus amongst this chaos is not going to be easy! This week I want to focus on getting through the backlog and clearing the desk so I am free to start with the Tale of Three Gamers next week. Thats pretty ambitious but lets see what I can manage! Getting the sentry stone finished would be great but I am not enjoying the mannikins much. The bone grinders I have while nice are a pain to paint. Nothing that I have built is really calling to me. I guess most hoobyists are in the same boat though?


  1. Indeed I believe this is something that happens to all of us sooner or later. In fact I have a model right now that in it's detail it has broken the symphony of simplicity I had going with much simpler models. This complexity has made me want to take my time but at the same time has simply slowed everytying else to a halt.

    Been in that funk for about two weeks now. One "bandage" I have found for the problem is to pick a set amount of time and no more. Say, "I'll spend 30 minutes post setup on this model and no more" then put the model away. You'll make more progress than you think!

  2. Can't say I have 5 systems to juggle, but I do have 4 and many more models than that sitting on two desks. What a dilema.

    I typically go back and forth from project to project, get bored with one, move to the other, and then back again.

  3. Yeah I typically go from one to the other but I make very little progress that way... I really need to focus otherwise a little of everything gets done and I take ages to get a playable force together.

    Setting targets usually helps but that needs a lot of self discipline, something that is easily circumvented by the new shiny syndrome.

    I read a post recently on a blog, maybe Mr. Saturdays, about the belief we have that we can fit one project in before we finish the one we are currently working on. Such as the Mercs I did (am doing still) for Warmachine. I should have finished the few models I have for Menoth left and now I find myself starting a new Warhammer Fantasy army. Great!


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