October 31, 2011

Stoneward and Woldstalkers

I would like to have a more Hallowe'en themed post for the day that is in it. Hallowe'en is not really celebrated here in Germany so I am celebrating it by playing Hunter: The Vigil tonight. The session should see us finishing our current campaign, unless my players are being particularly dumb. I am still progressing on the remnants of my Circle force. The Stoneward was thankfully handy enough to do despite the fact that I made a mess of his cloak. I fixed it a little but it still is far from perfect. I mixed a brown glaze improperly and ended up with a really streaky effect. The Wwoldstalkers were easy enough to get done once I sat down and concentrated some effort on them. Now I am working on the Sentry Stone. It is simple but the Mannikins are a real pain. I will try to get some photographs of the WIP up tomorrow. Then I am wondering what I should do next. Tharn Wolfriders or a Wold Guardian?

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