October 19, 2011

Wold Stalkers, underway

I have had the Wold Stalkers and Stoneward models on my desk for what seems like an age. I picked them up second hand from a friend at the Miniwar Hamburg club. Now that I have my Circle army here I thought it might be good to get them done. The fact that they are complusory for a Baldur tier list helps. Despite the fact that they are tiny I haven't been making good progress on them. I think my motivation is a little low and the heavy preparations for my World of Darkness game this week haven't helped either. Here is the first finished model. I just have the Stoneward underway so maybe once the weekend comes I can make some progress and get these finished! It would be nice to have as much of the Circle forces here finished before I start my next big project, but more on that tomorrow!

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