October 11, 2011

Moshar the Desertwalker

I picked up Moshar a few months back second hand. He has been sitting on my desk looking at me for a while. I started him as I wasn't really inspired to do anything else and after a solid afternoons work this is the result. I have used Moshar twice, thanks to Vassal. I really like him though I am not that great with him. The salt pillars are excellent and when I feel up to it I will creat some models for that. Finding something to act as a base is the only deterrent at the moment. I don't want the bother of cutting stuff out. I guess I will have to though. Anyway I like the caster a lot and I intend getting some practice very soon with him.

I will be bringing my Circle force back from Ireland this week and I am hoping to start using them again. I really hope that I maxed out my units before as I don't want to have to go back and add to them. There is no way that I can get the style the exact same never mind the colours. The Tharn are going to be the biggest problem as I just don't do flesh tones like I did for them before. I am really eager to get painting on these but I will focus on just getting what I had bought but never painted done. My Khador await and are getting impatient. I think the main unit to get done are my Tharn Wolfriders. I have no idea what that unit is called. From what I remember I have the unit built and base coated. That should expedite the task, hopefully. I guess it will still take a while to get them done. I also have a few other things to catch up with like Stonewards(?) and a Wold Guardian. So I should hopefully have some of them up over the coming weeks. I will photograph my older Circle models and post them up too, maybe as a return of the Friday Showcase.


  1. I must agree with dcmechanix! I really like the yellow brown on his cloths. I really like the high lightning on the wood on the scythe

  2. Always been fond of that model. Impressed that you manage to make him look 'Circle-y' and still keep the desert colours on him - must be all the brown.

  3. Thanks guys. He was tough to paint, tougher than I thought. The gold blends a little too much with the lighter brown. He does fit with the rest of my Circle forces though.

    The brass on his weapon blade also came out far more silver than I imagined despite the fact it was painted fully in brass colours with a verdigris wash over the top.

    I will be posting them up over the coming weeks as they have now arrived, suprisingly undamaged, in Germany!


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