October 4, 2011

And now for Something Completely Different!

Well it is the second time I have had something completely different up on the blog. This has to be the strangest though. I found an elf miniature that was hanging around unpainted since my last DnD campaign and I decided it was high time he got painted. So I went with something I haven't tried before, blue skin. I think it came out fine. It is exteremly blue at least! I was inspired by the Malifaux Gamelins I saw over the weekend. I never really paint with blue and I wanted to try it. I guess this guy can be a drow or something? I am sure they have blue skin, well maybe blue tinged skin or something. I kept the clothes in a neutral grey colour so that they wouldn't offer too much of a contrast. I also shaded them differently than normal, with a grey galze. This came out better so I think I will stick to it. The swords were done simply just a blue wash over an already black washed metal. So now that he is done I want to play DnD... too bad it just isn't popular here in Germany.


  1. well done =) grate job with the shading and high lightning. The figure with his withe cloth he kinda reminds me of Luke Skywalker from the older versions =)

  2. Thats true he does look a little like Luke...


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