October 6, 2011

Nomad - complete!

It is hard to get a good photograph of the Nomad while managing to keep his sword in the shot. Hopefully this one is fine! I am really happy with finally finishing the Nomad. I had shots of him posted here as a WIP a while ago. When I made such a mess of the Talon I stopped work on the Nomad and was a bit disheartened. However I spotted a picture of the Privateer Press Mariner and I noticed that the colour scheme wanted was similar enough. So this is what I ended up with. The grey is very nicely highlighted, in my opinion, though the photo does not really show this too well. I concentrated on the edges and raised areas of the armour plates and with some black lining everything came together well. The weathering was the standard salt technique pimped up a little with some extra highlights. This makes the weathered areas stand out much more and looks far better than what I managed on the Talon.

The gold areas came out nicer than normal too. I tried a different blend of colours and this came out very nice, especially on the chimney stack. It is simply Brassy Brass (VJ) blended with Shining Gold (GW). It washes out the stronf mettalic look until the final levels of the blend, and it blends easily! I will be definitely adopting this method more. I haven't decided if I will be using it much with the Khador 'Jacks as there isn't much exposed metal on them. I guess it would go nicel with the green scheme I am considering.

I am looking for a second hand Ironclad now to convert into a second Nomad. It is the chassis that matches the best. I don't want to have my two Nomdas in the exact same pose, something which is hard to avoid with the stock model. Using a modified Ironclad will really give me a nice looking alternative without too much effort.


  1. Looking good! I feel like every Merc player should own two Nomads, because they're just that awesome. I may have to steal your recipe for the metallics on the smokestacks, it looks really great.

  2. Thanks guys, the Nomad is awesome alright. While the pose is great it is a little hard to convert it.

    The metallics were simple enough. It was Brassy Brass from Vajello as a basecoat. I then washed it with Ogryn Flesh from GW. I then began the highlights with Brassy Brass mixed with Shining Gold (GW). Simply build up the layers and feather them in a little. The final highlight is pure Shining Gold.


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