October 21, 2011

Friday Showcase - Gorax

Continuing on from last Friday here is another of my Circle Orboros models, this time the Gorax. It is the old ugly model but that was the only one available for a long long time. I really don't know what Privateer Press were thinking when they allowed this through. The new one is awesome and someday I will have to go out and pick it up. For now however this is enough. I went with a yellow tone for the skin as I wanted to do something a little different. It came out okay. I was still learning the rudiments of highlighting back then and now it shows. Sadly there was no Brush Thralls article to follow like I had with the Argus. He turned out fine in the end however and he can proudly stand amongst the rest of my Circle force, at least in terms of the paint job if not quite from a model point of view.

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