October 18, 2011

I want your soul

So I am a little spoiled at the moment for painting. As I brought so much back to Germany I have a huge amount of half finished projects on my painting table. The first model I pulled from this was a menite Reclaimer. I have had him since he came out and I only ever half painted him. Aa few hours the other day finished him off. He is not really up to standard but thats fine it suits the rest of my menites. I am looking forward to using him in battle, the extra focus always helps. I am assuming that they are as useful in this edition as the last. I have checked out the High Reclaimers theme list but having thress of these on the board just doesn't make logistical sense. I could be wrong but on paper at least it seems like they will be getting in the way of each other and I won'r be getting full effect from any of them.


  1. Mind if I ask how you're taking your pictures? Specifically your light set-up; it looks like you get some great results, and I've been trying for ages to find a good solution for my mini pictures...

  2. I am really not doing anything special for taking photographs. It is a grey t-shirt as the background. I find it is nicer than white. It offers a more neutral background. I have two daylight desk lamps. Both of these are on to provide enough light. Then its just a ten year old digital camera with the macro function on and the flash off. I really need to get a light box to diffuse the light better as I am always over exposing the models at the moment. There are a lot of good tutorials out there at the moment if you search around.


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