October 17, 2011

Two Crusaders, Two Styles

I managed to bring some of my Menoth 'jacks back from Ireland finally. Putting them side by side shows a big difference. The photograph isn't that kind to the newer version of the Crusader painted near the start of this year. While technically it is better it really doesn't look it. Strong bold highlights can really make a model stand out and the old Crusader defintely has them. The mace is interesting to see. The blending on the new one is much better and more subtle. However the old one just looks better... I can't bring myself to stripping the old one so I guess he and his comrades will get to remain as they are. They do stand out a lot from the others on the same shelf.

I am very impressed that the banner on the crusader which is simply some plastic glued onto the carapace armour managed to remain there without any pinning while being hauled from Ireland to Germany! Its a nice little touch to the 'jack adding some character. The scroll on the shoulder is nice too inspired a long time ago by 40k. Its nice to see that the character 'jack has this touch too!

1 comment:

  1. I like the white/red one the best it is more original to the colour scheme and looks less gamesworkshop esque.


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