October 14, 2011

Friday Showcase - Argus

As I said yesterday I finally managed to get my Circle army over to Germany. My girlfriend was delighted that I brought what she calls the Stickmen army over. It is the only army I have painted that she likes, everything else passes across my painting table without remark. Now that I have them here I have a chance to take some decent photographs of them. Over the next few Fridays I will post a showcase of the army, probably one of the best I have ever painted!

This is the first model I painted for my Circle army. I followed the wonderful Circle Battlebox in ten days guide the brushthralls had. It can still be found online here. I followed it fairly closely as you can see from the model. Following this guide improved my painting immensely and I figured out a lot of techniques on these models. Looking back now I can see where I could make some improvements but I am still really happy with the Argus. The highlights on the skin for instance turned out a different shade than I thought they might but still they came out fine. Having a reference, step by step, to paint with is excellent as it shows exactly where you need to place the paint. I still think the Brushthrall articles are the only place to go when painting Warmachine or Hordes battleboxes.

Sadly a lot of the units I painted at that time consisted of eight models so I need to start ordering the models to bulk them up to ten models. That means I have to figure out a lot of the receipes I used none of which I recorded...


  1. The skin tones on that little puppy are gorgeous!

  2. Great work! Sorry to hear about the forgotten recipes, hope you can make them match.

  3. Thanks guys. I don't think I will manage to make them match. Looking at the skin on these models I will not only have a problem with the colours but with the techniques. I paint flesh very differently now that I did then. Still lets hope it is fun trying it out...

  4. Lovely paint job. Thanks for the brushthralls link, very educational. I was amazed (noob alert) to find that you could use green stuff as an adhesive!

    I have some Orboros to assemble (Wold Warden) and have been having a devil of a time with it - I think I'll have to pin some parts. The torso doesn't fit well together at all, green stuff as an adhesive will help a huge amount with it.


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